Deer Processing

Deer Processing $150
Cape $25 – If you would like you deer caped for mounting, there is an additional $15 charge
There is a 15lb batch minimum on all items
Summer Sausage* $3.25/ lb
Ring Bologna* $3.25 / lb
Polish Sausage* $3.25 / lb
Bratwurst* $3.25 / lb
Hot Dogs* $3.25 / lb
Flat Jerky $2.95 / lb
Slim Jerky $2.95 / lb
Dried Deer $3.00 / lb
Breakfast Sausage* $2.50 / lb
Deer Sticks $3.60 / lb
   Flavors : BBQ, Mild, Habanero, TexMex, Teriyaki, Sweet Maple Bacon
Pork Added $2.50 / lb
Beef Added $3.75 / lb
Tallow $.95 / lb
Jalapeno and cheese can be added to any product at a price of $5.00 /15lb batch.
Your deer  will be given a number that corresponds with your product sheet and you will receive the deer that you brought in. Please ensure that your deer is properly cleaned and cooled. Deer that have not been properly cooled or cleaned may not be accepted.